All new and returning dancers must register to guarantee a place in their class(es). Classes are filled when registration is received on a

first-come first-serve basis. No registrations will be accepted if the student has an outstanding balance. Registration is non-refundable and is paid once per session.


1hr once a week $65 month

1hr twice a week $105 month

1.5 hrs twice a week $125 month

50-55 min classes are billed at full hour

Additional: Costume and Performance Fee (see below)

Adult Dance Classes

1hr once a week $60

These classes will not perform.

See Schedule

Session fees for dance classes are split:

4 equal payments for fall session Sept - Dec 

5 equal payments for winter/spring session Jan - May.

  • Tuition is non-refundable 

  • Pay with cash, check, or CC (convenience fee applies). 

  • 50-55 min classes billed at full hour.

  • All tuition and fees must be paid no later than the 15th of each month. $15 late charge will be applied for delinquent payments.

  • $25 charge added for NFS checks

  • No refunds for illness or absences

Scholarships (download application) and email or call us (360)393-3927


Private and Semi Private Lessons in all dance styles taught at Day-to-Day Dance. 

Privates $50hr

Semi privates $45hr per student (2-4 student learning pods such as children from the same household or for families in which two or three families agree to socialize with one another but no one else.)

Tuition is non-refundable

All lessons will be scheduled based on the number of students, schedule availability and teacher availability.


$75 Costume fee

(non-refundable, tax not included)

One time fee due on the second month of the fall and winter/spring session.

You may pay the fee in installments or it will be added to your second month tuition to be paid all at once.

To ensure a costume is ordered for your child, all costume fees must be paid by then.

Fee Includes:

  • Costume and accessories chosen by the teacher and artistic director which the students keep

(does not include dance tights, leggings or dance shoes) 

  • Associated Costs: Administrative costs, ordering, shipping/handling, restocking fees, exchange fees, rush orders, non-returnables, and the 8.7% Sales Tax - on each costume - owed to the Government


$30 Performance fee

(non-refundable, tax not included)

One time fee per family.

Fee is due the last month of the Fall and Winter/Spring session.

Performances are held in December and May at the Blaine Performing Arts Center. 


Video Production in the event that COVID-19 guidelines prevent us from a Blaine PAC performance. 


Fee includes:​

  • Video Production or

  • ​Two tickets to the end-of-session performance. Additional tickets can be purchased at the door.

  • graphic design/program design

  • Technical and Intern assistant

  • Recital fees


5% Multi Student Discount 

5% Local Law Enforcement Discount (must let us know to receive discount)

5% Blaine School District Employee Discount (must let us know to receive discount)

5% Veteran Discount (must let us know to receive discount)

NOTE: There are no discount for adult wellness classes



Day-to-Day Dance Studio strives to maintain a pleasant and healthy learning environment. We request that all our parents, students or guests help us achieve this goal by conducting themselves in a safe and considerate manner always. We reserve the right to withdraw a student from class for inappropriate, unsafe, or destructive behavior without refund. We have zero-tolerance for any kind of disrespect, harassment or bullying toward teacher or other students by student or adult. Such behavior will be assessed and result in minimum six-month suspension from Day-to-Day Dance Studio.


You will be informed by email or a phone call before class if class is canceled due to inclement weather. We will hold classes except under exceptionally dangerous driving conditions. Use your own discretion regarding attendance if the driving is difficult from your area.

If class cancels a make-up date will be announced. If you are unable to attend the scheduled make-up date, students/parents will be responsible for arranging their own make-up classes in an appropriate class at a time that is convenient for them (teacher can assist with appropriate make-up class recommendation). No credit will be given for missed classes; however, students are always welcome to take make-up classes for any missed class.


Please have your child use the bathroom before class. Leaving disrupts the class, starts a snowball effect and your child may miss out on valuable warm-ups or combinations. Please discuss this with your child.


PLEASE bring water bottles into class! Gum, food or non-water drinks are not permitted inside the dance studios.