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We are so impressed by Ms. Sabrina’s ability to adapt during this time. It is awesome how incredibly successful the virtual dance class is - she brings the joy of dance right into our home! We are sincerely grateful that we still have dance and look forward to seeing our Day-to-Day Dance family weekly. Keep on dancing everyone, and boogie it on up in your living room, kitchen, garage....anywhere!!

My daughters have been taking dance lessons at Day-to-Day Dance for over 5 years. They love all types of dance and have taken lessons in contemporary, ballet, and hip hop. Sabrina and all of the teachers she has hired over the years have been so wonderful with daughters. Not only have my girls grown in their dancing skills and technique, but have also had the opportunity to build confidence in their abilities in these areas.

As classes have moved to "at home zoom classes," the biweekly dance classes have been a highlight of the week. My girls have continued to enjoy having the opportunity to interact with their dance teacher and classmates and are able to continue to develop in their dance skills. I am so appreciative of how participating in dance classes at Day-to-Day Dance has helped my daughters grow over the years.

Thank you so much!

Thank you, Sabrina and everyone at Day-to-Day Dance for bringing dance class to our living rooms and helping to keep some normalcy during these crazy times. ❤️❤️❤️

Our daughters loves Day-to-Day Dance.  The instructors are committed to their classes, and the owner is dedicated to making sure kids can experience dance even when unforeseen circumstances arise.  We're grateful that day to day dance is offering online classes.  We don't know what we'd do without Ms Sabrina and these creative, active outlets for our children.

We wanted to send our gratitude to Ms. Sabrina and the Day-to-Day Dance team for all their efforts to maintain continuity and normalcy in our children’s lives. The quick transition from in class studio to an online format as well as the skillful way the technology is being utilized is rather remarkable. At first, I was concerned that virtual class would be too difficult for the younger age group to focus and participate in effectively, but I was wrong, it was a seamless transition!  Our daughter looks forward to her normal class times and has adapted easily to the virtual classroom. In these trying times, we are more than thankful that there is some routine, connection and exercise being provided! Thank you! This brings a bit of normal life to our homes, and we can’t tell you how much joy this brings to our family.

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