We are excited to continue to share our COVID-19 risk-free, fun, Online End of Summer CAMPS with you! All classes are PST time zone. In these classes students will explore different dance styles. They will be given the opportunity to nurture self-expression, creativity, and learning through joyful and meaningful dance experiences in the safety and comfort of your home. Teachers use innovative teaching methods to unite body and mind and provide an environment where students communicate, collaborate, and create. 

These classes are for beginning and intermediate students.

August 3-6 (Ages 6-8)

August 10-13 (Ages 8-11)

August 17-20 (Ages 12+teens)

$90 Morning 11-12pm Register

$90 Afternoon 1-2pm Register

Register for both and SAVE $25 - pay $155 for both! Two awesome camps with a lunch break in between!

  • Younger age students will need a caregiver present to assist with technology. 

summer ballet hip hop jazz 2020.jpg

Mornings 11-12pm

This CAMP will explore the basics of ballet, hip hop and jazz.

Monday & Wednesday: Students will explore ballet technique, proper body alignment, French terminology and musicality. Basic turns are introduced, and the flow of a traditional ballet class is established. BrainDance exercises and dance concepts (space, energy, time, etc.) will also be used in every class to deepen learning and foster self-expression, to increase coordination and foster creativity in the students capacity to learn and grow as dancers.

Tuesday & Thursday: Students will learn about the history of hip hop and jazz. The focus will be on personal expression and uniqueness. Students will explore technique, basic steps, terminology, dance concepts and community. Set to jazz, hip hop and pop music for a great fun class!

Ballet Dress Code:

Leotards, tights, leggings, dance skirts/shorts worn over leotard and tights, sweatpants, shorts.

Ballet shoes.

Hair should be pulled back from the face. 

Hip Hop/Jazz Dress Code:

Form fitting top with leggings, jazz pants or cargo pants.

Athletic high tops or dance sneakers.

Hair pulled back away from face.

Summer tap contemp improv 2020.jpg

Afternoons 1-2pm

This CAMP will explore the basics of tap, contemporay and improv

Monday & Wednesday: Students will experience a creative and fun introduction to tap. The focus will be on rhythm, coordination, percussion, and musicality. Every class will also incorporate the BrainDance into the warm up, as well as proper ankle and knee strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Tuesday & Thursday: In this class students will learn a blend of contemporary dance movement and improvisation dance. The focus will be on technique, alignment, personal expression and prompt base improv exploration through body, space, time, quality and imagery. Set to instrumental, avant-garde, indie pop and world music. 

Tap Dress Code:

Any colored t-shirt, leotard and/or tights. Optional black fitted dance shorts or black jazz pants.

Black tap shoes.

Hair pulled away from face

Contemporary Dance Movement/Improv Dress Code:

Form fitting athletic wear. No Jeans allowed.

Barefoot or foot undies.

Hair pull back away from face.