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Welcome to Day-to-Day Dance's Online Dance Studio!

During our Corona Virus closure, our aim is to bring the spirit of movement to your home while we all stay safe, stay positive and (for now) stay home.

We hope to be dancing in the studio again soon!

"My daughters have been taking dance lessons at Day-to-Day Dance for over 5 years. They love all types of dance and have taken lessons in contemporary, ballet, and hip hop. Sabrina and all of the teachers she has hired over the years have been so wonderful with my daughters. Not only have my girls grown in their dancing skills and technique, but have also had the opportunity to build confidence in their abilities in these areas. As classes have moved to "at home zoom classes," the biweekly dance classes have been a highlight of the week. My girls have continued to enjoy having the opportunity to interact with their dance teacher and classmates and are able to continue to develop in their dance skills. I am so appreciative of how participating in dance classes at Day-to-Day Dance has helped my daughters grow over the years.

Thank you so much!"




Enroll in class through our registration system.

  • Online classes are held using ZOOM video conferencing platform.

  • Once registration is confirmed, we will send you a Zoom

meeting invite along with the password for you to join the class 


Set a reminder

Make sure to commit to setting aside class time as you would for an actual activity.

Set up at least 5-10 min early. 

Make Space

Do your best to clear out a safe "dance space" 

At least 6' x 6' with a flat surface to move around in. Make sure to remove all tripping hazards. Dancing on the carpet is fine. Some classes will need a chair or a raised sturdy surface to use as their ballet barre too. Know that it is important to be aware of the space you have and to modify steps or facings if you need to to avoid kicking something. Set up device in a place that shows you dancer's ENTIRE BODY.

Teacher need to able to fully see dancer. 


Make sure dancer uses the restroom before class.

Class wear

Wear proper dance wear and footwear. 

This helps to feel like they are in dance class and helps them focus.

Please see our dress code for details on dance attire.

Keep hydrated

Have a water bottle ready. 

Classes will be given a water break time.


If possible create a space where no family members are around in order to remain focused.

However, we understand this can be difficult for some families. In that case we ask for family members to show respect for teacher and dancer by staying out of the way and quiet.

Parent Support

For classes (Ages 3-5) we would like parent supervision to keep them focused and engaged.

Please stay in the room, close by or join with your dancer. For all classes with dancers ages 5+, we will need your assistance getting the dancer setup with the technology, but you do not have to participate. After being confined to your home for many days, you may want to do dance though. This is a fun activity to do with your child of any age. Siblings are welcome to join. 

Virtual Class Etiquette

Make sure the teacher can see you. 

Enable your video by clicking on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen and select the device camera.

To make the teacher's video front and center, click on the teacher's video and select 'Pin Video'

Be polite. Most of our studio policies still apply. 

The teacher will mute the dancers during class to eliminate background noise

and unmute them when it's time for questions or conversation. 



Download the lasted version of ZOOM at

Check for updates before class. Sometimes the updates can take 10-15 minutes.

Usually any technical issues are due to an update that was needed with your personal computer or zoom.

If possible, larger screens are ideal like a laptop, tablet, or a computer connected to a smart tv but, using a smartphone works well too. Make sure your device if fully charged. Whichever device you decide to use, make sure that it is on a stable surface and that your teacher can see your full body.

It's important that the teacher is able to see students entire body.

Close all other browsers, facebook, iTunes, internet, etc.

Keep your computer plugged into a power source; the connection is much better.

Check in advance that your speakers and camera both work.


Click on join meeting and enter your password.

Make sure you join the meeting using video and audio so you can hear and see class well.

Once you join you will automatically go to the virtual waiting room. Once the teacher is ready, they will add you to class. It's best to log in closer to class time as there may be a class in session beforehand.

If you can, make sure no one else is streaming content at the same time class is going on.

This may cause your live stream to freeze.

We hope we covered everything. We thank you for your patience as we navigate through this together.

If for some reason your class has any technology issues, please email or call us so we can work on a solution.

We look forward to dancing with you.

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